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Chihiro Sugimoto (R-12)


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Product Information

It is an image of popular model Chihiro Sugimoto (R-12).
Please note that the image quality is slightly lower than recent works because it is a very old work.

In addition, sample videos of this work are not created because Hamada is busy. However, the concept is the same as other, so if you want to know the atmosphere of the work, please refer to other videos with samples even if you have trouble.
Also, instead, I added some of the captured images of the work (though I chose one with a face that is not up for the privacy of the model, and reduced it), so I hope that you can refer to that as well.
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【important! Please read it! ]
There are two types of works sold at this mall: "general sale items" displayed in the item list and "hidden items" (limited sale items) not displayed.
However, it is common for “hidden goods” to change to general sale goods at a certain point in time or to be generally released to the spot, and these are displayed in the item list at that point, but in that case, they are already sold as hidden goods. It is not considered “new arrival product” on the system because it is
Therefore, it is often the case that a newly released "actually new arrival product" is not treated as a new arrival and buried behind the work list.
For this reason, we decided to add a keyword such as "20xx xx month sales start item" to the [series] column under the image for each of the works released relatively recently.
If you click here, you can see the works published simultaneously with the work (both real new arrivals and these real new arrivals) together and see them without dropping new ones that are buried.
Please try it by all means.
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This series is completely different from general AV.
If you are looking for the first time, please be sure to read the description on the shop introduction page first.
In addition, in order to protect the portrait right of the model, the work introduction image on this page puts a face on the face, but of course the work does not have a face.

starring: Chihiro Sugimoto (R-12)
One of the most popular models among Japanese customers.

Please note the image quality of this video might be a little lower compared to our more recent videos, because the master tape is old.

Our videos are totally different from other SM or Adult videos.
Be sure to read the store introduction page first, and please don't misunderstand our videos.
But the course has real video has no such blurs. (To protect the portrait rights of models, their faces in the sample image are blurred partially.)

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