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■ Four spring saki Mei's CFNM cute girl alternates electric massage and handjob for 2 minutes by naked dog, and if you are in handjob you will give punishment if you are in handjob and give reward when it comes to electric kettle


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Product Information

A slave dog (man) lying on the floor, a woman comes in

Woman "Pochi ぃ is also cute today?"

Dog "One!"

Woman "Are you a good girl?"

Dog "One!"

Woman "Nee today, there is a reward if you get in handjob, and there is a reward if you go to the electric fan"

Dog "One One!"

When a woman spit on a man's crotch

Woman "Electricity ... Anma ?!"

A woman who stands with her voice and starts an electric massage

A man who makes a voice and sings

Woman "Every dog is erected so much and it's transformation, isn't it Pochi! Hey !?"

Woman "Hole! Here and there!"

A woman who starts nipple hand job with her hand hanging over her hand when electric anoma that is too pleasant is over

Woman "It's your punishment if you come here, right?"

The woman who licks a teat further while doing hand job,

I lick a teat up and down with a tongue, suck it, lick it like drawing a circle while sucking,

And a woman who uses handfulness as an overhand and twists and uses all kinds of pleasure techniques to chase down Pochi

Because the nipple is developed by a woman, the pleasure of handjob is added with sensitivity MAX,

The dog will put up desperately because it is scared to be punished many times

The woman sees it and makes it more violent

Continue it for 2 minutes

Feel good enough to go crazy, put up for something crazy

And until the last turn of electricity

Dog "Oh, it's no good! I'm sorry!"

Woman "Say it"

Dog "Oh no! Do it! Do you meet ??"

Woman "Get out!"

The dog "Oh yeah! Come out!"

Woman "Wow w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

Exceeding the threshold of patience will give a fierce roar to the electric pan

Woman "is it a reward?"

Woman "Good to get along with rewards?"

A woman who licks dirty legs with semen

A man who looks good and a woman who looks happy

The game of celebrity women will continue from now on

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A lot of spit stand electric anma

Nipple licking Sometimes foot licking Handjob

Stir fry dirty

[The highlight of this work]

A novel work that performs electric anma and hand job one turn at a time,

Since CFNM, men are naked and women are dressed from beginning to end

With a man who bears desperately not to be punished

M man who makes a big jet up to the offense and defense of the woman who tries to make it go wild and the electric ang

It has become an irreplaceable work for Electric Anma Fetish

Recording: about 15 minutes

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