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■ If sexual harassment to the beauty nurse in the hospital of 2 Harusaki Mei, I was ****d to ejaculate to the electric anno

Product number: AM-182
Series: 電気アンマ
Genre: Femdom
Dealers: Tickling JAGA's (1) femdom, Blowjob, oral, tongue, etc.

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Product Information

A nurse comes to the sleeping man

Nurse "How do you feel?"

Man "Oh, it's in good shape"

Nurse "Oh, I will measure your blood pressure." When you grasp the man's arm, the man stretches his hand to the chest,

With the nurse, "Hey, where did you touch this perverted guy!" And hold his arms with both hands and step on the man's face with your feet.

The nurse's feet sink into the man's face while grabbing his arm

Man "What do you do?"

Nurse "Where are you touching?"

And while licking the man's nipples, put your hand in the pants and start the handjob inside the pants

A man is accused of two sexual zones at the same time, the nipple and crotch both erect to Gingin, and it is attacked by the ejaculation feeling immediately

Man "Hey (handjob) I think too fast"

Nurse "Because I have to clean up and I'll do sexual harassment again!"

Nurse "I have to punish you, I'll smash it!"

When you let the man sit on the wall, put an electric lamp to drive it to the wall

Nurse "Here you crush the ball right? W"

Nurse "It's a punishment, I have to crush it w"

Nurse "Just crush the left ball w"

Man "I got a little bit better"

Nurse "Don't feel good!"

Nurse "Crushing gold coins"

Nurse "This is it!"

With the back of the wall, I can not escape the man, and my leg is swayed and I push the wall into the wall

And next, while applying the character of neck 4 with the foot,

I spit my wing,

Rub into the nose of a man,

Start messing with nipples,

Nurse "Because I'll Spit You"

And the dexterous nurse who crouched crotch with the opposite leg of the person who tightens further

Nurse "Aha nipples suddenly got stiff w"

Man "Oh yeah ... I'm dead"

Nurse "Don't you die?

A nurse who spit on the nose

Even with the foot tightened

The nose is covered with a collar,

A man who sucks it from the nose and makes it more difficult to breathe

Nurse "Would you like so much electricity?" Nurse applies electricity to the man from the top of the couch.

Nurse "Oh, I'm having an erection, I'm not good! I'm closing my legs!"

Nurse "You're punishing, but it makes you feel comfortable and want you to do it directly?"

Man "Hay!" While taking off his pants

Nurse "Well, let's take off your pants, right?"

Nurse "Do you want me to stand up?" The nurse gets up and lifts the man's leg and gets ready again.

Nurse "Please do not use electricity?"

A man "Please give me an electricity please" nurse who slips in at high speed at the same time

Nurse "Do you feel good about electricity? Do you understand electricity?"

Nurse "Don't you collect?"

Man "Don't build up!" Nurse adds a collar and accelerates further

Man "This is dangerous! This is really real! No good!"

Nurse "Hook!"

A man is going to get excited soon so much of pleasure

Endure desperately, it is limit already! It really is not good! Shouted repeatedly,

A woman applies electric anma while laughing at it

Nurse "I'm a foot metamorphosis!"

Nurse "Hora Idiot! Hora! Hora Ike!

Nurse "Go? Aren't you? Aren't you? Electric ang! Good! Good! Don't stand it!

A man who gets out of nowhere on a nurse's feet that raises the electric power to MAX output

Nurse "Dirty feet clean! Let's give up?"

The woman licks the foot that has been stepping on the crotch of the man from tiptoe to the heel evenly until now,

Laughed so happy

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Milk fir face stomping

Nipple licking pants inside collar hand job

Wall drive electric anma

Neck 4 shaped face spit

Tsubaki plenty of standing electric electric pen

Stir in feet

[The highlight of this work]

The nurse who tries to make the man who somehow endures the mind manage

I'm afraid I'm going to laugh at a while watching a man who bears desperately trying to live up to it

Smile of Ms. Harusaki is too cute.

It's time for the electricity! It is unbearable to like electricity and anma

They use a lot of words that say electric anma and blame me for words.

It is a must-see if you want to be squeezed by Ms.

Recording: about 17 minutes

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