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"からっぽ means" bullet MAMAER _ 2009Ver


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Product Information

The bereavement 疵痕 married life was too harsh and secret wife left one note?? STORY system of Government was moving to care facilities from the tenement house lived for many years, a man aged. Found on the day of moving notes, it was record of the struggles and widowed wives, "agony. Follow the 40 years ago, lived in two tumultuous Showa. Behind the high growth Japan regained vigour in the ruin section of married life was heading.
When I turned the page of heartrending, man know the true face of his wife-human drama of waves coming from a man who lived like mad, woman, and loneliness of two souls?? CAST &STAFF?? Yamaguchi Akira Yuki and Nakamura Illuminati, Kobayashi 広実, Tanaka Akira, Nobuyuki Kawai-Ando NET Someya Keiko, Kawasaki Kiyomi, Kimura Shinichi Ichinose River new swamp trees and one tsuchida Takashi-centerd Yoshiko Hill and Walnut ( junction ) ( J.CLIP ) Takahiro ozone Toru Dan Wing (Festival Theatre Company バッコス), Chie Miyashita, Saruyama touts ( curious and throw back minimum )-SOTA Ichikawa-Tamura, rie comments???? It became popular production was staged in 2006, 'からっぽ be' finally reprised at 3 years after. Many people 涙した equally serious and large-boned worldview, none element of comedy is shocking development.
In the work and origin of the bullets MAMAER there "tragicomedy".
Heisei-era has lost something.
Forgot something to one man.
When navigating the [Showa turbulent and so now > > based on a book of essays, is something really important comes into view.
Presided over and was put squarely female weak men and women in 2007! Owlspot burning and chubby, dropped, true marital love, or-