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[Tont fetish] Kako-chan Vero image

Product number: IM-011
Genre: Spitting
Dealers: Pussy tongue fetish pavilion

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1500JPY (Including tax)
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TypeSizeImage qualityReplay timeDRMStreamingDownload
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Product Information

It is Kako (28 years old) to have you cooperate for photography this time!

Takako-chan, who I met on Twitter. The girl's face I don't think is 28 years old, and she is really cute.

And I was surprised that the manager did not know the existence of the tongue (--)) I was lucky and excited when I heard this. Because you can see Belo as it is! ! This is what the caretaker places most importance on! Because AV takes some care for some people before taking pictures. .

If you're a real tongue fetish, you'll want to see your usual tongue instead of a tongue for shooting! I'm convinced with myself ,,,, what is Belo of Kako-chan?

[Kako-chan specs]

Age: 28 years old (at the time of contribution)

Type: cute

Occupation: unknown

Smoking: None

Relationship with the manager: acquaintance on Twitter

Similar celebrities: Don't come to mind ...

Gap: Yes

※ Similar celebrities are the views of the manager.

※ With respect to the tongue that can be imagined from the girl's appearance, the gap expresses the presence or absence of the gap in the manager's view.

【Product Details】

Product ID: IM-011

Product medium: Vero image (3 pieces) + face image (2 pieces)


Vero image (I will not describe the size and image quality for girl face images)

kako-1 (1104 x 1472) Image quality: 3 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

kako -2 (1110 x 1476) image quality: 3 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

kako -3 (1104 x 1468) image quality: 3 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

Price: 1,500 yen

About the product: In order to prevent personal identification, it is an image in which only the tongue (around the mouth) is taken, not the entire face. The girl's face is not shown, so please make sure there are no mistakes.

[Impression of manager]

Cute face and tongue Betteli ('∀ `*)

It was worth it! ! From the center of the tongue to the back, the yellow tongue is full! Administrator, I want to buy this tongue (laughs)

And super high quality image quality does not deteriorate even if enlarged.

... which expanded with PC and brought nose close

It is a Bello image that you can enjoy the high quality tongue! If you have tongue tongue fetish, please consider it! There is also a girl's mosaic-free face image, so please enjoy it while comparing it with a Vero image!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the manager.

This item is not a video but an image (3 images).
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