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Sanzi photo room 2015 @ Rumi

Product number: s2015_Rumi
Series: sanziの写真部屋
Genre: Feet soles
Dealers: Foot soles fetish Hotel さんじ

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File List:写真集(Photographs)

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Product Information

The model this time is Rumi-chan, a university student who is doing the subject.
In being able to be taken by "foot fetish system is OK".
It seems that she is also taking pictures with the camera while doing the subject.
I would like to take a variety of works in the future, and the story was taken by two people.

Foot size is 24.5 cm and Egyptian type. It has a round, feminine shape.
Even though it is 24.5cm, it seems that you can only wear this size because of the high back of the foot.
Pink pedicure on the nails. Even the nails of the little finger were painted well.
I thought that the character appeared in such a detailed place.
She usually cares by applying moisturizing cream.
The feel is soft and thick feet.
There are some heels on both feet, and there are many wrinkles on the bottom of the foot.

Shooting costumes are plain clothes and feet are stocking and bare feet from knee high boots.

I was allowed to shoot the steamed foot in knee high boots.
Please have a look at the wrinkled and soft legs! ! !

For more details and samples, please visit the blog.

【Number of images】 137

【Image size】 5184 × 3456

[Model] Rumi (20) T: 156 cm S: 24.5 cm

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