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NMS-021 Visco-souzetsu uniform dark blue female school uniform vocabulary (4)

Product number: NMS-021
Genre: School Uniform
Dealers: Slimy, slimy fan club

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4800JPY (Including tax)
4800JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

Thoroughly enjoy the taste of sin to rape the winter Navy Blue sailor and 弄ら the full length pants in the shame of the slimy sailor to watch thoroughly!
With sweet and sour girls odor that emanate from many times dark blue winter sailor was continued overall slimy to rape.

Sailor Seijun slimy, dirty blue winter girl continues to blame the desire remains inexorably dressed in sailor suit changes to expression of ecstatic gradually. Some private girls ' school period: wearing yellow two line winter sailor: 3, winter skirt: 3 years 8 months [material] yellow two line winter sailor outfit: wool 100% winter skirt: wool 50% polyester 50% certain private mission girls high wear period: white sailor-three lines: 2 years 2 months winter skirt [material] 3 years 11 months, white sailor-three line: wool 100% winter skirt: wool 100% ※ use Navy Blue winter sailor clothes and bags, loafers, complete women's high monotheism use! Uniform = sale is back;; 95 min