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When it comes to awakening, the leg opens from M-shaped to V-shaped and finished woman Aki 26-year-old

Product number: bon-21-21
Series: オナニー 告白リアルオナニー
Director: オナリワン
Star: 亜紀
Genre: Masturbation
Dealers: 3 rd STAGE

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Product Information

A woman who can open her legs from M-shaped to V-shaped

Aki's 26-year-old, who has a dream for many years and is part-time job during the night to pay for music study abroad

Height 160 cm Weight 55 kg Blood type O-type B93 (E cup beauty big breasts) W64 H90

Though it can not be shown with beautiful tits, a beautiful O ○ Nko is symmetrical.

In such busyness, the state without SEX recently. It seems that it is confused by the masturbation quickly.
My favorite type is "old man and firm man".

The first experience was 20 years old at a hotel with him.
Masturbation came to be done from that time.
At first she was fingering, but recently she was ashamed of being embarrassed, saying, "I use a rotor, and then put a shower on a girl ...".
And because she hides embarrassment, she acts boldly (opens the crotch with pull).

It seems that the best SEX so far for the purpose of music relations is that it has been squid seven or eight times in a row by his bassist.
Are you using your finger to play the bass?

In the rotor masturbation from the top of panties in the middle of the room.
After a while, when you move the panty's cloth sideways and direct it to the clitoris, the leg will rise with a M-shape.
As if the leg was raised from the normal position, then the leg opens now.
When I feel better, my voice gets louder and my legs spread out, "A-n, Ann, A-n !!"
It opened like it was fun V-shaped.
When I finished it, I got up as if nothing happened and shut up my underwear and left the room.
Such a woman who turned off clearly is rare.

Try the first power ma.
"It hurts!" Said the chestnuts are sensitive and can not sit down, is there anything more soft?
So if you try to stop it if this is impossible, "Can I guess for myself?"
Good, but "but embarrassed to be seen."
When I lie down and say that I put it on my crotch my face changes as soon as
She started to panic for about 15 seconds, and while she was about 15 seconds, she was just a second.
Although I said that it was too strong to hurt the matter of the electric machine, he said, "I will buy this one and return it".

The rotor masturbation in the first half re-edited the following work and re-corrected it.
"Aki 26 years old"

The second half Ma Ma masturbation will be out for the first time.

Her masturbation blog is here!

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