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An extraordinarily drunken S woman rushes an angry raw leg into a plump owner and rolls it into the mouth

Product number: AM-1
Genre: Femdom
Dealers: Ballads food SIN

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5480JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

This newcomer was introduced by a popular shop clerk Queen.
I was expecting to introduce her, but it was an outrageous woman.
I am working for beauty treatment and I am 28 years old at 170cm tall and 25cm high
I really like beer at the time of interview, and I listened to drinking 2 liters a day
So I decided to shoot while drinking beer at her wish.
It seems that I could have had two 500 mm cans of beer at home on the same day.
Anyway, during shooting the tension is abnormally high from the beginning to the end
The actor slaps his head, plunges his feet and hands into his mouth and pinches his tongue
The uncontrollable and unlimited state has become an interesting piece throughout.
In the last, you put a can of beer on your face and you squeeze it or you're insane.
This work can be seen the realistic drunken state of the drunken S woman
Please watch it when there are no people around it, as it is a problem work that is rare and valuable.
I was also desperately trying to laugh while shooting, but there is a scene that makes me laugh.

Metamorphosis bait crime ★ AM-1 140 min