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MASK VENUS vol.69 Mako

Star: 咲耶まこ
Genre: Mask Fetish

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Product Information

A 100% purity mask fetish video that responds to the desire and desire for endless fetish!

【Contents of video】
・ The 69th work, which has been produced after a year of blanks, is a long-awaited first appearance by Mako Saki, who is familiar as a gauze mask enthusiast!

・ In the mini-drama of part 1 recording, the two roles of a cold-drawing housewife in the apron appearance (new gauze mask) and a sexy girl munmun tutor (self-made gauze mask) are heated!

・ In the second part, the in-train image video that was popular in the previous work and the valuable interview that approaches Mako's gauze mask love and the wearing video of own & new gauze mask are recorded.

・ The third part is a large gauze mask with thick gauze, 2 sheets and 3 sheets, rare pleats and three-dimensional mask for Mako, part 4 is a new equipment with a substantial increase in the presence of ASMR and making images Included.

・ Please enjoy the supreme mask beauty picture which MASK VENUS of immovable mask send to Heisei last even though production is vacant!

☆ Main recording content of movie 1/4

-Mini drama (1) Housewife Hen
・ Mini drama (2) tutor

☆ Main recording content of video 2/4

・ Image picture in the train
・ Interview with model
・ Mask wearing & image picture (1)
Appearance mask ... gauze mask (self, usually, large)

☆ Main recording contents of Movie 3/4

・ Mask wearing & image picture (2)
Appeared mask ... large gauze + thick thick gauze, gauze two-ply, gauze & pleat three-ply, pleated mask (white, pink), super three-dimensional mask (usually upside down)

☆ Main recording contents of video 4/4

・ Mask wearing & image picture (3)
Appeared mask ... Aroma moisturizing wetting filter mask
-Mask ASMR collection (Pioneering voice, pulling pang sound, breathing sound, earpicking)
・ Making video

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction and reprint is strictly prohibited.

Mako-san, who has raised a wonderful gauze-mask form on Twitter, has long requested a new work by Mako-san, and he responded freely and allowed me to take a gauze-mask form that included myself. After all it is the favorite that is good only because it is always used regularly! I think that the ASMR collection, which looks like "mask" at the base of the ear, will evoke a new stimulus as well.