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[Image] New college student's stinking layering socks! stockings! Skin shabby bare feet!

Product number: 50
Genre: Pantyhose
Dealers: footlover

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File List:【画像】新大学生さんのかなり臭った重ね履き靴下!ストッキング!皮膚ぼろぼろ素足!

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Product Information

[Image] New college student's stinking layering socks, stockings, skin barefoot barefoot.

It seems to go to stay at a boyfriend's house after this, so it's easy. So I do not want to put out a lot of face
It is only a photo that can not be seen from the eyes.

"It's a sock dad's foot and it's my father giving it a very bad smell!"
It was sweating and it was quite stuffy, and indeed it's pretty stinky,
Stockings also smelled well w

The bare feet were "due to being dry and barely dirty" and the skin was pretty shabby.
The smell was also smelly w

Please enjoy the delusional look of the cute feet of a new college student who is cute but looking at the image.

The credit of the image in the product is attached to the position not to get in the way.
Also, because the image in the product does not have a heart mark like the sample image,
Sock feet, pantyhose feet, bare feet can be seen firmly,
It is an appearance NG so it is a photo that can not be seen from around the eyes,
All the photos are out of focus even though the entire face is visible,
There are no photos that clearly show your face.
In that regard, please note on your purchase.

※ I have set the affiliate rate!

18-year-old university student unmarried non smoker T: 157 cm S: 24 cm

76 photos Long side 6000: Short side 4000

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