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"Hitomi" who applied for recruitment of slaves himself 嬢 A dog dog training already has no appearance that is normal ... A photo studio virgin work of a charisma teacher!


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Product Information

Posted by P / TheEdge
♀ P / slave doll Hitomi (29 years old, education relations)

Contributor comment: Slave doll Hitomi, this niece is neither a lover nor a wife. It is a pure maso meat slave. October 2017 ... A woman who has applied for recruitment of slaves on our blog, Twitter ... Hitomi ... 28-year-old high school teacher, a woman that Hitomi is very ordinary anywhere .... (Continued to ↓)

The experience of dating with men is also natural as well ... Naturally the nightly behavior is also normal. SEX is also normal. Everything is normal .... The chestnuts have been covered with skin, never touched directly, and have never crawled in action .... Naturally, there is neither tying nor experience of anal fucking.

However, this woman ... had a secret that I can not say to people. It started from a doctor's play of ... childhood. My friend was tortured like a torture, and the crotch pain and brutal experience at that time gave birth to something in the young girl.

And someday it will grow to SM and rape desires ... tie the girl's heart like a curse ...
However, a serious girl decided that it was evil and contained it deep inside her heart. As a matter of course, they also experience fellowship between men and women, and girls mature into women.

I met my lover, and then I said goodbye, and I met again ... I will live the life of a natural woman. Everyday fence, a natural love. The woman who seemed to be fulfilling also felt something for which she was not satisfied.
The hollow heart hole ... When the woman peeks through the hole ... There is a horny desire to sing ....

The woman understood the meaning of what was not fulfilled. At that moment, the burning light burns up at once, and the desire burns up the hole like a fiery fire. And that heat burned his whole body. If this happens, I can not help it anymore .... However, there is no way to release it, nor is the fear of being known by people. The woman had no choice but to spend her days with enraged lusts.

Meanwhile, SNS account I found by chance. "The Edge @ SNB" The appearance of the M women who are released there. The rope that bites into the soft skin ... the sound of a pounding pounding hard ... M women who are restrained and treated like meat chunks.

While feeling the beat that beats ... Woman stretches a finger in the hot crotch .... I clicked on the "mail" button with the other shaking hand. And the woman is .... This is a genuine, genuine record.

Hen: The screams of a desperate demon screamed by a woman in a restrained full-faced mask !! A bondage stretched like a spider web is tied to a massage machine and pierces into the local part of pie bread. My hands and feet are fluttering and I feel overbreathing. This is the net post world's best name, P / TheEdge Mr. Apple photo studio incised post work.

At the beginning of her, she was not an animal like an acme, but she wasn't her, she wasn't even a wife, and she's a genuinely insane P / slave doll Hitomi. The story until her detailed training is a reading from the ↑ poster's comment !!

The excitement of convulsions Acme begins before it gets cold, but it is a bruise (crib). In the local area, a bottle for collecting slave juice is suspended .... The Edge quality is paved like moss to this detail. A formidable man has come to the Apple photo studio .... Anyway, I insert a brush into Hitomi's pussy and let me write .... Play and ....

The second half also jigsaw vibe, and the fist attack which strikes a fist in the pussy. In the meantime, it is an anus all the time! Super high level training which exhausts the hole called hole like a deadly combo by Zub insertion. As if time stopped, I thought that I stopped biting again, and again, I got a convulsions from Gagagato Hitomi's mesiki .... It is Eros that remembers the battle ...... !!

Even while inserting the meat rod of the last, I tighten my neck. There is an ultimate climax here, which post fans have never seen. This is the other side of M slave pleasure!

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