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[Gura set] Okina Emi-chan's tickled FM series 3 set!

Product number: GL-15z
Series: くすぐられ
Genre: Tickling torture
Dealers: Samurai.TK

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4480JPY (Including tax)
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File List:無期限視聴,スマホ視聴可 4K~SD全画質セット

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15 minute, 4 seconds
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1 [F / M] tickled fetish man Eimi-chan tickle Ijime

If you like good friends, you don't miss it! !

Emi-chan asks about a tickle fetish guy

While saying "What do you like?"

I'm looking for a man's weakness and will attack it thoroughly

Soon after, I'm going to make a new boy

After a while Eimi noticed a healthy son

"Why just tickle and get bigger ~"

While still playing with my son

It is a filthy woman (laugh)

Of course I do not stop the hand of tickling


A man can not be put up and will be made squid ...

Emi is on duty for free!

Then please enjoy

Recording: about 15 minutes

2 [F / M] Eimi older sister tickled her brother and punished

Eimi older sister suddenly restrains my brother in the bed in the room

And I will say "I ate my sweets"

Brother who denies "does not eat"

"Lie な 〜 こ こ"

It is a punishment for "a punishment for tickling" without having an ear to hear what the younger brother says

My brother, who is not very good at tickling, is attacked by Eimi's elder sister without attack. . .

Unable to endure, my brother honestly admits that "I ate"

However, Eimi is more angry at it, and powers up tickling attack

In addition, Eimi, who is angry with the uproar of his younger brother, blocks the younger brother's mouth by face riding and tickles again.

My younger brother who has been attacked by a strange sense of inability to breathe and is painful and tickling already seems likely to be weird

Still there is no sign of stopping punishment at all

And I will play with my younger brother who has grown up at last

Brother who is embarrassed saying "stop it only"

"Why are you feeling so good?"

Eimi elder sister has no reason to quit, and it does not stop the hand of tickling at the same time as hand job

I'll stop for "I'm sorry-" for the brother who looks good, but I can not stand it and fire it

In addition, the angry Eimi older sister holds the younger brother in a super-serious tickling attack (laugh)

Then please enjoy

Recording: about 12 minutes

3 [F / M] F cup Eimi-chan gets tickling on S man

Punish enthusiasts, gurura both swords must see! !

S man who tickled up Eri-chan a while ago was tied up with a reward

Before being tickled, S man has a bullish attitude. . .

S man who will make it bikun in an instant when it is tickled

It is quite sensitive

When my stomach looks like a weakness and is tickled, I laughed a lot

I'm also saying that I'm asking for "more tickle!" And "handjob too!"

And looks so happy

It looks completely S man, the contents are M man state (lol)

At the end you will be rewarded with good luck.

However, the tickle blame hell immediately after having come after that. This works pretty well

The highlight is where S man gets tickled and becomes a weak M man!

Then please enjoy

Recording: about 15 minutes

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