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Secret sister's friend "Are you to say a lot?"


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I moved home after being asked to do my last job.
I was wondering if I could meet again,
Luckily I was excited to come to see my sister-

Hikari-chan who looks neat and serious.
Moreover, it is a slender.
It is my sister's friend.

I do not like to love slender.

I used to come to my house before,
Actually Hikari-chan is not in my room
It seems that I sneaked in and watched my own erotic book and DVD.

One day I came to my room when my sister was not there.
And without knocking ...
I was looking up while looking at the erotic book ...
I've crawled and hid it, but it's a later festival.

"I always look like this and I'm masturbating like that."

Hikari-Chan looks like this and is curious about sex.
"Hikari will do it."
Having said that, I started taking my crotch.

It is pretty cute, but a bottle bin!
Shikoshiko is quite good technique!

This time I'm already worried about having no sister
I came close to me

I was too excited and I had a sudden ejaculation in my mouth.

This girl is crazy.
Oh, I told you that I only watched me and I was allowed to take a video.
Publishing here is a secret

When I said "Please do it again", he said "Yes".

Also, I'm glad to see you

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