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Even the first post Veteran's perseverance! The transformation couple who does not hesitate to do outdoor enemas But the indecent language is "It's too shameful to say!"


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Contributor P / Bus pig Torture lover
♀ P / pig of horse production area (29 years old, unemployed)

Poster comment: I was enema in the park on the mountain from New Year. It has become a metamorphosis quite according to New Year's ambition street. The public toilet is our love hotel because the love hotel is usually wasteful. (Continued to ↓)

From now on, I'm jealous of becoming more transformation. I'm glad to be able to post it because I was shocked at the Apple photo studio I saw as a student. As we are going to take variously, thank you from now on.

Hen: A woman who shakes a cigarette and a man who puts out a cock and a cock. However, here is a lookout platform that seems to be a famous tourist spot in the northern country .... Naturally a male cock is spa. This very amateurish daily opening is a local-type Yankee couple whose work is now published to an amateur post. P / Bus pig Torture lover, and her girlfriend P / horse farm area pig.

As well as the pointed poster Pen Name, the obsceneness that starts in this scenic observatory. I'm anxious about the pig "person ... I can't come ... (sweat)" from the horse farm, but that blowjob is amazing! I expose a plump deca-butt, and on the grass, it sucks in jupojupo. Well ... something out of the pussy ....

Next is blowjob in the bathroom .... We can confirm the sound of a strong roar of “Babi ぃ” and “Chappun” and the sound of one man dropping definitely. "Ah ~ ~ feeling good" Blow pleasure and defecation pleasure, both tasted, "satisfying" "delighted" debut poster. This going my way style is the best !! (deep feces, it is said that the pig from the horse production area continues to blow ... plainly)

By the way, the gastrointestinal tract is also clean, and the offense and defense change. Insert the enema into the pig's ass and begin to insert the dildo in the pussy. This work with a public toilet to save your love hotel. Of course, injected enema fluid is released to the bathroom as it is. It is this kind of transformation play style, but it seems to be embarrassing to say pig's requested Dirty language .... It is a drab maiden against the Yankee appearance !!

After the back toilet raw sexual intercourse stored in the angle from the bottom, the opening of the pig's pig solo masturbation show in the horse production area. Bullish fleshy body, I feel like transformation female pig indulging in pleasure for one person ... Please watch as it is! Please be careful because the bathroom is slippery! It is a very reliable local Yankee contribution couple appearance ♪

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