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Cute "Yuna" of the idol face


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Kon'nichiwa ♪
I will introduce the other party today.
"Yuna" is so cute that it is not wrong even if it appears on the television as an idol in the Heisei era.
I'm not a half-hearted idol face of Sojiro, ♪ I have a super cute face

I thought that I wanted to enjoy a short break after the university center exam was over (it seems to have passed the desired school).
Picking up in the country of Yume and getting along well.

How do I etch girls who are not strange even at the idol group center?
Let's etch while seeing the face of this child all the time after thinking in various ways from the day before meeting! I decided.

Eyes when I kissed, eyes when I stretched my junior cheeks, eyes when I was praised for ma ● co, and eyes when my juniors ran wild in her ma ● co please look.
It's clear that you're the point out! ! ! ! !

When I put in and out the erected dick in my panties in a small mouth, her saliva of Neenaba gets entangled in my juniors, and it looks so cute but it's a lewd eye.

When I give up the ma ● co just in return, it looks at my face while moisturizing eyes and looks at my excitement.
Okay, so far as planned.
Well, let's show off my dream world with my junior! Meet in a dreamland and enjoy the pleasures of dreams.
I don't care about that.
If I can't make this cute girl go, I'll quit the man! As a result of beating to myself, as a result of doing my best, she screamed with a tremendous loud voice, screamed, and made me play many times! ! ! ! !

OK, I can do it, I!
And the last will be decided by the face shot as usual! And enthusiasm, to the emergency launch!

I was more surprised by the amount than usual, but she did not have a bad face, but my sperm was a little
It was gokkun.
What a good girl! ! !
Make a Saffle without making her! My lesson of my life is likely to be broken.
I wish I made this child a girlfriend!

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