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"Actually I'm doing SEX while working w" Barre out during a conference call! It seems that both sites are uplifting ...


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Contributor P / One Article Masato
♀ P / Natsumi (28 years old, OL)

Comment from the contributor: Today I was thinking of shooting at the end of work and calling as usual, but how bad the timing of a sudden conference call at the time of the promise with Natsumi .... But because I am not a main speaker but an observer, I decided to shoot and decided to shoot (laughs) (follows ↓)

I made only the first greetings useless, but after that, it was nice to have no speech timing, and while participating in the conference with the earphones, Natsumi was plunging from behind in the back (detonation)

I was asked to mute so that there was no sound in the other side, but I hiddled if I thought that muting was canceled at some beat (laughs)

Hen: "Observer participation" or something quite difficult words come out, but Natsumi's elite company employee will be what. It is Mr. one article Mr. Masato who commits such talented and well-equipped Arasa OL during the skype conference.

In the previous work he is a man who showed me Saddle with a beautiful model model, but after all, a well-familiar pussy and a well-matched Natsumi-san of the body are not separated from it, and it's a familiar Dirty word Fella !!

Since the music that can be played in the love room is a famous song, we put a free sound source in our company but it is not bad. It is a sound source like the opening of Eroge, but there is no concern and Natsumi's mouth-in-law and vacuum sound. Masato who gives an exclamation moan .... It's a good feeling for two people's sessions!

"I'm in the middle of a meeting, but it's ww" Natsumi-san showing a horny smile. That's right, now, while the two are erotic, serious meetings are going on somewhere in the business district. She loves to suck as much as possible to participate in the observer participation.

"Hello is not happening in the conference room !! It's happening in the field !!" says Oda, it is better to have Hamehame at Loveho than spend your life at a boring conference. As this voice seems to be muted, Natsumi's hoarse voice to the big cock pleasure will not be heard over there.

"Oh, it feels so good ..." "The normal position is not yet ..." and "The pussy feels good I'll ...". Such a good-looking career OL while participating in a serious conference. If I'm Natsumi's boss I'll immediately make it fired !! Usouhso, I'll instantly sexually harass it! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the best insulting and horny hustle sexual intercourse that two sex strong men send.

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