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Sensitive teat just after graduation "Arisu"


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Kon'nichiwa ♪
I will introduce the other party today.
Most recently, she graduated from school "Aris." It's a face that's still insane, yet it's not tongue-out.
Eh eh? ? ? Do you not get caught with such sex with such a child? ? ? I thought at first.
But okay, I was an adult and I graduated from a vocational school.

As a student, I continued to work in a part-time job, and I was able to contribute to the household budget without being able to be a boyfriend.
Somehow teary (crying)
What I just want to do Namahame sex ... (lol)

I said something I like to have sex itself, but I think I've never had a hard time, and I've never experienced anything like it.
Hmm? Is it inexperienced? Am I alright? It feels like I had been raised a hurdle from before the ring ....

Okay, let's give a squid if it is squid In my junior! I was particularly excited about this day (laughs)
If you touch the small tits lightly, the nipples are erected even though the room is not cold.
Yup, my tech isn't too rough, and inspire yourself in your heart and go to it!
Jiwa is her love juice that hits my tongue.
Yeah, my tongue is also OK, as usual.

Then I thought that I was going to be a junior but I would like to show off my gingin junior in front of my eyes
I looked at it with my surprised eyes.
"Oh, come here and don't say Muri! I won't tell you," he says.
I was unwittingly jealous of me ♪
Good, I don't hate blowjob. Such a cute girl gives me my favorite blowjob!
The brain stimulates the corpus cavernosum, and it was the first gun of the patience, although it was slight.

I don't dislike it, I checked his face.
Yeah, I don't seem to be aware.
Well, go as it is to insert GO!

Jr. who broke out of my spirit intrudes into her small and narrow マ ● co ○ girl while paying attention.

I wonder if the reaction does not hurt, I can't say I'll go back, contrary to some of my anxiety
She who doesn't know that she has begun to crawl on with a pleasant face (Hee)
~ 、 ハ ッ ハ ッ ハ ッ ハ ッ ハ ッ ハ ッ this! While holding this little body in feeling like
I pushed down my hip with all my strength and pushed up.
······Hmm? What did you say now? ? ?
Certainly ...
If I try my last piston while thinking
"Iku ~"
Because! ! ! ! !
What, I was in my junior!
I want to put out a spermatozoon as soon as possible though I am delighted, but I can not put up with it or rather put on her mouth
The first wave, the second wave, the third wave, and so on, it has spouted out a lot of extravagant spermatozoa.

Of course, her mouth is white.
If I thought I would get angry, I did a cleaning job from myself if I thought it would be bad (Anne)

For this child, I would like to take care of it as my Saffle.

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