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It is useless to put it in, but I'll do it if I give you a blowjob! Misa 30 years old


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It is useless to put it in, but I'll do it if I give you a blowjob!

Abuse of the authority of knowing women who can not be rejected by basic M, a man who resolves his sexual desire after work.
Insertion violates the rules but "I like chikos and I will do it as a blowjob"

Misa 30 years old
158 cm 45 kg B82 (D) W60 H83 Model A

Mr. Batsichi, 30 years old.
Male experience seems to be only a few people, I do not know what kind of etiquette I like, or S or M.
For a while the man has been outrageous and has quite a complex in his own body.
The striking line and breasts, I was bad to see this and sealed SEX.

Small ● year graders, when I was sleeping with my parents, when Father touched my crotch,
"What, what is this feeling?" Was the beginning, and without knowing Masturbation, it was said that the mother was scolded by touching the crotch.

After becoming a high school age, I started to sleep in my room, I masturbate all alone.
Medium ● When I was living it seemed like I did every day.

First experience I 5 years old, middle ● With classmates at the time of third grade.
People I love Do not have anything to do with surprises.
Sex with no love do not do it.
Together with such an elevator.
Go into the room and let the masturbate in the toilet, she is M, too.
Take down panties without hesitation and play talisman.
Sensitivity is good, distorting the face soon as "Iki so", and goes immediately.

When asking for a blowjob, start licking with licking without wearing panties.
Although I said that experience is small, I think that it is service M, it sucks hard all the time.
He shakes violently and shakes his face violently, while raising his voice, raises his pant voice many times over and over.
Sucks until the man moves his mouth forever so that the man sucks up even after itta.
And a lot of sperm from the mouth ....

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