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Medium Kozo failed acts of obscenity for beautiful women, suddenly became a toilet slaughter

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File List:卑しい小剛が美女を猥褻行為に失敗、トイレ奴隷になった その➁

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Kosugo cheated on his hotel with her sister and said that it was a worthy hottest place, changing her Yukata, she tried to act obsessively with her sister, her sister became angry, and she got angry outside the toilet I let you eat it again, and the character of her sister is very strong, he is scared of Kozyoshi, only obedient, even after eating it makes it a sister's toilet paper and it is becoming a damn eating meow However, the sister asked him to massage his feet with his tongue and he received an order, what will happen to Kozyose 's fate ......

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