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Queen's tickling legend Asami Queen Mr. Knee Stand tickled thoroughly until consciousness becomes stunned by knee standing! 【Scene 3】


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Product Information

... New series "Ultra Hard" birth! ! To

Never before
Launched Japan's best hard tickling series.

The first is
It is no exaggeration to say that Japan's best
Asami Queen, who you know, will appear in
I asked for a tickling thoroughly!

The actor appoints a hard M actor without NG,
The content was kept secret until the shooting production
Consciously to the severity of too much tickling
I have filed complaints to stop shooting many times.

Of course
Nonstop, without asking
I shoot with uncut!

In this scene 3,
With the actor kneeling,
I had you execute the tickling sentence thoroughly.

Please take a look at the feature video.
Asami Queen's relentless intense tickling
Please experience it! !

in this way,
I'm going to make a work that I stuck to hard thoroughly,
There is no act
We will deliver a world of torture without real.

Therefore, the famous queen and the tickle,
I would like you to provide information such as good actresses.
(Cute, not beautiful or hard queen, actress's request)

Negotiations on the cast are my best,
Even the appearance NG one
I'm thinking about negotiations on wearing mask.
(Focus on technique)

And to the actor who will appear
Please write a written oath.

It is you (the viewer) who will make this series.
The only real tickle mania ever
Let's make the best work together.

So, if you enjoy the work,
To the e-mail address and URL described in the video,
Thank you for your information!


Please check out other scenes.

Scene 1
Scene 2

And if you want more than two scenes,
40% discount and more,
Not for sale bonus movie "Penis Blame (Kashira Blame · Immediately after Blame)" comes,
Set version is advantageous.

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