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giantess princess remake (second part)


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ご購入前にご確認ください≫ インターネット環境について

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When the giant princess fought against the human tank corps, the president found that the corps stops her and makes the opportunity to escape himself,
Finally he entered the presidential campaign, captured the government bureaucracy, each person was done, finally the president eating the president showed the domination of this country.

Inside, there are the following dialogue:
"I am the strongest princess in the universe, your tanks can not pass for me."
"I am such a strong person."
"Because we will keep escaping the President of this country?
"You dare to resist me."
"It will be powder, you guys, let's see, my power."
"I hate those who ran away."
"Taking an airplane, you can not run away."
"You want to say, are you scared of being able to eat?"
"I will show you how I'm waiting for the treachery."

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