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【Together】 Rion-chan's tickled FM series 3 pieces!

Product number: GL-12z
Series: くすぐられ
Genre: Tickling torture
Dealers: Samurai.TK

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Everyone, I kept you waiting! ! !

This time is an amateur model Rion-chan

I girls around the girl nearby and tickles in front of the camera suddenly, it will be like this

When you tickle the camera with people pointed in front of how usual actresses are familiar ...

I am ashamed ... I was able to feel that I was lol

Especially at the beginning of filming I was nervous and trying to keep desperate to react to ticklish stimulus

I feel instinctively tickled and I can not say how it makes me laugh at the last time I can not stand it

In the second half, I heard that he also tickled off in a lazy mood gradually

And at the end is a merciless, completely unconsciously arrested Wakinoshita tickling w

Please, please enjoy this time too!

① [F / M] Do you feel tickling ?! Rion-chan's first tickled fetish man Goshochoko ~

"Do you like to be tickled?"

A girl who first saw me as a man who likes being tickled.

"Where is the tickle?"

While listening to such a thing, I got a horse riding a M man who was caught with a single pants and moved hands quickly to start searching for weak points.

"Ha ha ha ha"

An armpit in a moment, M guy who can notice irritation without being irritated, intensely attacked, found that the stomach is weak.

And this word

"Please do it quite well!"

I'm De M, is not he?

Since then

"The upper one is weaker!"

Such as weird place to go from yourself and more

My nipple is also blamed in the middle stage

It feels ticklish

M It seems to be jokingly messed up.

In the moment ...

"Shikoshikoshiko ~ ♪"

"Ha ha ha, ah ah ah ... ... ha ha ha"

Start grinding by holding hands of M guy who got energized with bare hands.

"Oh, I got pleasant!"

I am in a mode that makes me feel at once from the feeling that I suffer until a while ago

The body is honest

It is also done simultaneously with handjob and tickling

Rion-chan is a deft

And finally

"Ayah ... ... bullock"

After all the feeling is over than the tickle in the end, I will win.

Then, Rion-chan who gets angry and begins tickling again when he went in arbitrarily.

M guy what will become ... ...

As a digression, the M man wearing a mask fairly laughs at surreal

Please, please enjoy this time too!

Recorded: about 13 minutes

② [F / M] Tickle for Taiyo who tasted the pudding on his own without permission (good friend version)

One day, the whole man of the mystery who was detained for somehow sister RION chan Takahiro.

Rion-chan said, "You ate my pudding !!" The state of anger.

Takahiro insists that he is not "eating", but he will not be heard, and Rion's tickling punishment will begin w

Takahiro is weak against tickling tickle

I will not be forgiven to keep calling "Yumemiro"

Rion-chan will be tickled by concentrating his armpits under weak points.

Here, why Tahahiro

"Side or Absolute Damen"

And I will reveal the shock

I'm De M, is not he?

Rion will not miss it, this time I will be tickled obstinately in the flank

Takahiro reacted too much and his back warped repeatedly

Next time

"The feet may not be good"

I will gradually say weaknesses

And early Takahiro had talked pretty well

It is exhausted to tenacious punishment which does not loose at all and it is laughing in the middle stage lol

It was also attacked by a nipple, Takahiro finally

I will say "I have come".

However, Rion-chan's tickle does not stop

Naturally it is because I admitted having eaten a pudding

And finally you will find that your stomach is so weak that you can be bullied

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

TAKAYAMORI keeps on laughing like crazy

Rion-chan begins to start tinkering

I am surprised to hear that it is too smooth

This is not a punishment anymore but a reward perfectly

Takahiro has a sigh of relief called "Uhufu" in the laughter

Simultaneous attack of tickling and handjob next time

Tickle and handjob alternating offense

Variety of tickling attacks has increased! !

Rion-chan has a tickling hand quality with Maji (I want you to join the tickling party of JAGAs ..)

With this, Takahiro is excited at a stroke and it will be squid.

Takahiro is also a place like a tickling fetish

Rikuro is more furious with Takahiro who went to himself after eating a pudding

Tickling the devil Immediately after the handjob attack.

Takahiro: What's going on?

It is a picture that the feeling of a good friend is transmitted throughout the whole.

Please enjoy

Recorded: about 11 minutes

③ [F / M] Tickling M man who strengthens Rion - chan

To Rionoki asking "Ticklish"

It is called "itch only"

Yes, there is an M man who gets strengthened

There are M types of various types

I like cute and disturbing personal types of people

"Where do I tickle off?"

While saying such a thing, my armpits, side flanks, around my stomach will be mercilessly tickled.


However, it is impossible to resist by restraint, but the only M man who is tickled has to beg for it

Whether it is fun to look at that situation, Rion continues to tickle more pleasantly

"A bit of a rampage!"

Did you feel pleasure in bullying the M man who is laughing too much and laughing, striding over the face, making breathing more difficult

"Fukugawa! Momoko is also stupid ...!"

But, of course, M man can not escape, keeps his nose and mouth restrained


"Goshokoshochochocho ~ ♪"


It is a facedon

I was finally tired of getting tired of it, I finally got satisfied, the tickling hand will stop

The next target of Rion - chan is M - man 's penis that got energized because of tickle.

"Why are you getting bigger? (Shikoshiko)"

"Ah, do not mind me !!"

"No, it is useless, you can not leave it without permission!"

However, such a thing can not be able to be done, and M man is squid by handjob

Then against that M man ...

"Well, I told you not to do it without permission!"

As it is said, I will take tickling of the punishment

"Hahahahahaha! Stop it !!"

Then, the M man is tickled until the girl feels good ...

Please enjoy

Recorded: about 16 minutes

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