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Interview document Street-passing AV actress 12 Wake has a wife's edition

Product number: HMNF-056
Director: 梁井一
Genre: Point of View

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Product Information

Tuesday married woman age 39 T 164 B 80 (E-cup) W 59 H 85
Wakefulness with frustration Local wife

A naked picture arrived from a manager of a well-connected production company. The main character of the photograph is the main character this time. He is a married woman living in Fukushima. It's this AV that I took over the slightest reason of the manager saying "Please come here (TOKYO) because it costs traveling expenses, please go to Yanai Mr. Fukushima and take a girlfriend!"
When I got to meet at the station of Fukushima and listened to the story, it appeared motivation that did not retreat anyhow and Duskebe wife who had huge frustration. She does not want to acknowledge her desire, kills her voice and yogurts violently. A day-trip gonzo journey of lust and travel.

Chapter * 02
Matsumoto Reiko age 35 T160 B 84 (F-cup) W 60 H 89
Supremacy mother

Actress Mr. Reiko Matsumoto was 35 years old who knew at the site of a certain AV maker. I was fascinated by nature who did not decorate and greedy sex, and I reached the shooting this time. She is divorced eight years ago, a single mother who usually raises one child while working freelance in the beauty industry. I came to this world for the purpose of saving money for the future.
She has very few encounters with men, and after divorce, there is no new sex. Is it an environment that I usually live for, because I am busy with parenting, or my character's personality? "There is no encounter" is a personal story. Her sex to show in front of the camera, from the reaction of its unhealthy sex life, is wild with desire exploding. No matter how many times you are momentary and sensual.

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