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【◎ K】 Trained M woman shedding tears and vomiting About Gatsuguri Inside the mouth!


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It is a so-called uniform generation daughter who I met on a mistress board.

It seems that he lost his father at an early age and was raised by his mother's hand. .
Since it is a common story and it's boring, let's leave out.

In other words it means that you have to live by your own power.
Eventually there are nobodies who have talent in the world,
Like my daughter I have no talent and have a bad head only to use my body.
It is my destiny to be a prey for adults like us.

Yes, I am just helping people.
When I met it was the lowest level for both fellatio and handjob,
Whether there is training in training, recently techniques are improving.

I meet only twice a month, but I am giving a considerable amount of money.
I will not take the trouble to express the amount.

I also tried my regular mouth launch this time.
Too much gutsy and a lot of vomiting because it shot a large amount to the throat fiery.

Although it may feel like a devil,
I want you to see her expression.
I taught you to say that it is characteristic of her,
Saliva is a plentiful blowjob and handjob, saliva is rich enough to drip on the floor.
While doing it, she is smiling at her.

Because I am living a popular life.
She is talking with her friends on a stupid face during the daytime.
Those guys would have not noticed anything,
People have something called life based on their fate.

I will fire today for helping people.

By the way this girl is a uniform generation.
Once in a while there was a guy who was caught off by Kansai ◎ school,
I'm clever, so I will sell it all at once and I will draw oneself.

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