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Evil woman · Shiraishi Queen Queen-bikini · boots 踏 み ホ ホ カ 握 り 握 り tomato!


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Product Information

After all summer is bikini.

Evil woman ・ Shiraishi and Queen
Pretty bikini with brown long boots
I got pounded hard and got knocked down

Until just before shooting
Shiraishi Maya Queen is always different
Indeed there seems to have been common sense and remorse
I said "Can you do it?"

After drinking a canned beer it seems to have blown completely
Reborn as a completely different evil woman
Without any loss
Stumping violently
Stunningly crush all things
Completely destroy the plastic container of Hoka valve
I was kicking towards me I was shooting

In the second half, tomato and eggs are crushed and juice is dripping from the space between fingers

★ bikini pattern is different from the image above
I prepared two kinds of bikinis on the day
Queen Shiraishi Queen chose a young girl-styled bikini
So ~ without ado
★ Shooting at love hotel
Cleaning after was hard (lol)

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