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MASK VENUS vol.7 Kanako (2)


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File List:【写真集&動画全編セット】

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Product Information

More into the core, more deep. Continue evolution and deepening 100% purity mask fetish image & video!
※ Although the sample is subjected to mosaic processing according to the model's request, you can see it in the product version without any mosaic.

【Content of photo collection】
- MASK VENUS The seventh work reappears Kanako who appeared in vol.2! "I enjoyed wearing various masks, so I want to go out again" I got a nice word. Even in this work her charm is floating with a big eyes and a somewhat fragile expression!

- In addition to the various masks that appeared in vol.2 and later this work, the Korean mask provided by the comrade of mask fetish, the handmade large gauze mask & gauze made pleated mask first appeared! It has become a very attractive mask that is familiar to the face moist like face decals as well as presence.

· Shots that look at the mask of yourself reflected in the mirror, shots looking at the scenery beyond the window, shots that sleep in the bed in the form of a bath robe are recorded in conjunction with the situation situation video of the movie. (It is not a capture of a movie but a picture taken by a photo.)

· We are also offering set sale with a little profitable movie!

☆ Emerging Mask
· Gauze mask
· Nylon mask
· Gauze mask + nylon mask (2 piles layered)
· Dome type solid mask
· Humidification wet mask is refreshing
- Large-format moist silk's good night mask
· Easy mask
· Korean mask (provided by fetish comrades)
· Large gauze mask (provided by fetish comrades)
· Gauze pleated mask (Fetish comrades offer)

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image size: 1280 x 960 pixel
Number of images: 1029 sheets

I will not follow the same story as my previous work! Because of my thought, I carefully reviewed the adjustment of the brightness of the photo, and it was possible to fit in satisfactory image quality after a long period of time, coupled with the good environment of the room! We have recorded all without correction on the software side. I feel that there is a magical edge for Kanako who was able to shoot with good image quality even at vol.2 and this time.

【Content of animation】
· Kanako who appeared in "vol.2" and received popularity again appeared. I play in mini dramas this time I will take a cold and take a day off from work. When asking a boss who comes to a nurse to bring a mask ... · · ·

· I tried on various types of masks from my supervisor who is a mask fetish, but it seems that there is no dry mask and favorite mask. Here are the 10 largest classes of emerging masks ever!

- In addition to the mask that appeared in the work so far, the Korean mask provided by the fetish comrades, handmade · large gauze mask, handmade · gauze pleated mask first appeared!

· Situation images include scenes that look at their own mask of the mirror and the scenery outside the window. Fragile expression tickle fetish instinct. It also includes scenes of coughing in bed even now.

· The full set of videos is profitable! We also offer set sales with great photo albums!

☆ content of the previous part

(1) mini drama "daily life of her and mask" first half

Appearance mask ... gauze mask, nylon mask, gauze mask + nylon mask (2 ply), dome type solid mask, moisture wet mask throat refreshing, new ever mask, large format moist silk good night mask

(2) Situation "Stare at yourself in the mirror"

☆ Subject Content

(1) Mini drama "Life with her and her daily life"

Appearance mask ... Easy mask, Korean mask (provided by fetish comrades), large gauze mask (provided by fetish comrades), gauze pleated mask (served by fetish comrades)

(2) Situation "Gazing at the other side of the window" "I go to bed in bathrobe"

(3) Interview with the model

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

By reviewing the adjustment of the brightness of the moving picture, I think that it was able to shoot with the highest image quality so far. Although bonus video is not included in the relation which there were many kinds of mask this time, it shot the situation situation video more carefully accordingly, and it became the contents which expressed more of mask mask beauty which I imagined. In the interview, it is impressive that you can see her natural smile that was able to be more photographed by the second appearance.