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MASK VENUS vol.9 Hiraoro

Star: 緋色
Genre: Mask Fetish

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File List:【写真集&動画全編セット】

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Product Information

More into the core, more deep. Continue evolution and deepening 100% purity mask fetish image & video!

【Content of photo collection】
· MASK VENUS 9th work is Scarlet Mr. appearing in his own maid costumes! It is said that cosplay shooting is well done and prepared for playing the role of mask maid in this movie. Goodness of compatibility between mask and maid clothes is outstanding destructive power!

· In this work, handmade gauze solid masks and N95 commercial masks first appeared, provided by comrades who are cute gingham checks. In addition, comrades who are offering numerous masks accompany the shooting, gauze op mask by authentic nurse costume brought in also appeared! It is valuable content which can not be realized by single shooting.

· We are also offering set sale with a little profitable movie!

☆ Emerging Mask
· Gauze mask
· Pleated mask
· Super 3D mask
· Large gauze mask (provided by fetish comrades)
· Gauze solid mask (Fetish comrades offer)
· Working mask
· N95 business mask
· Gauze op mask (provided by fetish comrades)
· Gauze Pleat Op Mask (Fetish comrades offer)

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image size: 1280 x 960 pixel
Number of images: 584 sheets

Cosplay shooting of maid & nurse for the first time in the ninth work finished in a photograph collection that does not get tired one by one, thanks to the model himself adopting a pose voluntarily for each shot It was. A variety of expressions, gestures, as if familiar with the characteristics of various masks, are exactly drawing out the charm of a fetish mask!

【Content of animation】
· Mini drama enters new series. This work is titled "If there is a mask maid cafe", a story developed in a fictitious cafe where you can appreciate the maid's maid.

· First of all it was the hero who appreciates the gauze mask figure, but then we also ordered a mask full view course full enough. Here you will see a homemade gauze solid mask provided by comrades and N95 business mask for the first time.

· In addition, with this time accompanying photographers of comrades, a full-scale opmask appearance using nurse clothes and stethoscope brought in also appeared! Perhaps this is just for now!

· Situation images include 'stick eye drops' that took between photographs and real stethoscopes, using "syringes" to "see nurse in a figure". Both of them seemed to be unlikely Rare images here only.

· The full set of videos is profitable! We also offer set sales with great photo albums!

☆ content of the previous part

(1) Mini drama "If there is a mask maid cafe" first half

Appearance mask ... Gauze mask, pleated mask, super solid mask, large gauze mask (provided by fetish comrades), gauze solid mask (provided by fetish comrades)

(2) Situation "Squeezing eye drops"

☆ Subject Content

(1) Mini drama "If there is a mask maid cafe" second half

Appearance mask ... Work mask, N95 business mask, gauze op mask (provided by fetish comrades), gauze pleat op mask (provided by fetish comrades)

(2) Situation "See nurse in form"

(3) Interview with the model

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

It is changed with past work which is the theme of daily life, set as an imaginary shop called mask mask cafe. The modest attractiveness of the model fits perfectly for the role of the maid, and if there really was, I would have been watered like this hero. Scenes connecting the strings of masks in the form of a nurse, stethoscopes, situations using syringes should also be good for medical mania!