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MASK VENUS vol.10 Writing?


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File List:【写真集&動画全編セット】

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Product Information

More core, more deep. 100% pure mask fetish images and images that continue to evolve and deepen!

[Contents of photo book]
・“MASK VENUS” 10th work is Reika-san, a beautiful mask girl with a clean and transparent feeling. Her long hair shining in the midsummer sunshine, her beautiful and clear eyes, and her pure white mask make it a trinity, and she is a "junk beauty"!

-In addition to orthodox gauze, pleats, and three-dimensional masks, we continue to use gauze pleats (commercially available), Korean masks, work masks, and N95 commercial masks that we received from our comrades in the previous shoot. For the shot in the bed, the bathrobe wears a hot seat.

・We are also selling a set with a little profitable video!

☆Appearance mask
・Gauze mask
・Pleated mask
・Gauze pleated mask (provided by fetish comrades)
・Super three-dimensional mask
・Korean mask (provided by fetish comrades)
・Work mask
・N95 commercial mask

*The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and the secondary use such as reproduction and unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image size: 1280 x 960 pixel
Number of images: 517

This is the earliest, and this is the 10th time. This is all because of your support. Since the shooting was at noon on a midsummer day, the maximum amount of light was obtained so far, and I think that the model's appeal is as it is. Her mask, which has an atmosphere like a young innocent actress, is a strike zone for me (laughs).

[Contents of video]
・Drama is the second in the series "If there is a model that hates masks". If the shooting model dislikes wearing a mask, the story develops in a realistic setting.

-A model that fits in comfortably. From here, we recorded the wearing scenes of gauze, small gauze, 2 colors of pleats, gauze pleats, super solid, 2 colors of Korean mask, work mask, N95 professional mask.

-In addition to "Lying in a bathrobe" and "Looking into the mirror", the situation video includes the first night of "Masked Girlfriend and Good Night" together from a lover's perspective.

・This time, for the first time, "Gappe pulling pan" was recorded as a bonus video. Enjoy the surrealistic fetish video in a set with "Pleat and Pakupaku".

・The whole movie set is profitable! We also carry a set sale with a great deal of photos!

☆ First part recording contents

(1) The first half of the mini-drama "If there is a model that hates masks"

Appearance mask... Gauze mask, small gauze mask, pleated mask, gauze pleated mask (provided by fetish comrades)

(2) Situation "Sleeping in a bathrobe"

(3) Bonus video "Pan and pull with gauze"

☆ Second part recording contents

(1) The second half of the mini drama "If there is a model that hates masks"

Appearance masks: Super 3D masks, Korean masks (provided by fetish comrades), work masks, N95 commercial masks

(2) Situation "Looking in the mirror" "Mask girlfriend and good night"

(3) Bonus video "Pleat and Puckpaku"

(4) Interview with the model

*The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and the secondary use such as reproduction and unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

The video is bright and high quality, and the model's charm is fully open! The drama of this work is realistic content based on the actual flow of shooting, but of course it is a drama, so I really enjoy it and shoot it (laugh). This is also the tenth work, and I feel that I have exhausted all of my ideas (delusions), but the insatiable desire for fetish will continue.