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Yuuha Kiriyama - Erotic Long Tongue and Mouth Showing

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Product Information

A beautiful woman's long tongue and embarrassing mouth inside
I closely followed closeup.

Kiriyama Kuu chan appeared this time.

Ah! I want to go out with such a child! !
So with daily
Tongue Velvet fetish play
I want you to do! !
Everyone would think that way
He is a heavy kawa beautiful woman.

Such Kuu-chan,
Behind the cute face
Very refreshing
It was the owner of long Vero! ! !

Width and thickness are well balanced,
I want to be licked! I want to be snacked!
Pull such desire
The best tongue beloved! ! !

Especially the roughness of the surface of the tongue
Nothing to say,
That gritty tongue cloth
Stuck firmly,
It is perfect.

Squeezing the tongue strip to the nose
I want to scrub! I want to be rubbed!
I held such a delusion (laugh)

In the main part, such a Kane fey
Since there is a tongue upset scene,
By all means check it out! ! !

I capture the surface of the tongue and mouth vividly with high image quality.
While raping her tongue and mouth,
Please stop by all the time.

~ Contents ~

Erotic tongue provokes you (camera-oriented subjective image)
Melody close-ups from all angles
Check the movement of a nasty velor
Embarrassing mouth, teeth, lips etc. carefully close-ups
Measurement of width, thickness and length of Velo


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