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MASK VENUS vol.18 eye

Star: アイ
Genre: Mask Fetish

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File List:【写真集&動画全編セット】

TypeImage qualityReplay time
mp4 3,000kbps
24 minute, 36 seconds
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22 minute, 9 seconds

Product Information

100% purity mask fetish image & video to respond to the desire and endless desire for endless fetish!

【Content of photo collection】
· MASK VENUS 18th work is again an adult! A mask of a shortcut Ms. Ai. Sometimes it is nailed to a mysterious gaze that turns us towards calm, sometimes cold! This work simultaneously collects the white blouse figure which imaged teacher, simultaneous arrival of cooking clothes & hats, sling dressing of sling width.

· For masks used mainly for items that were popular so far, in pleats, also used for medical treatment · string tie type provided by Mask Maniaque like for the first time.

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☆ Emerging Mask
· Gauze mask (usually for kushakusha's children)
· Pleated mask
· Super 3D mask
· Korean mask (provided by fetish comrades)
- Large-format moist silk's good night mask

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image size: 1437 x 960 pixel
Number of images: 556 sheets

In contrast to the previous work, it was recorded in a dimly lit room as if refusing to shoot, but due to lens performance and RAW correction shadow parts and pale light gave bold contrast and a unique atmosphere I think that it turned out that it was a good finish that appeared. The model was a person who did not keep a gentle smile, but the S line of sight that looks down from the top when wearing a mask does not accumulate! (Lol)

【Content of animation】
· Now drama is "if Dan Teng's mask was masking." This setting is for the students and their homeroom teachers. A teacher in charge teacher who hears that the student collapsed with heat, came to the nurse by worry.

· A hero who feels a special charm different from usual in a mask figure teacher. I wanted to see where I could wear it again, and from there I wear and watch various masks and develop the image. Also in the second part is the lunch duty figure.

· Situation video "Drop in bed with a cold." In addition, in the extra picture of this work, "Pacpak with Korean mask & silk mask" was recorded for the first time. Please enjoy the sexy lips emerging from the mask.

· We also have set sale with a pretty great photo album!

☆ content of the previous part

Mini drama "If Dan's teacher is masking" First half

Appearance mask ... gauze mask (usually for kushakusha's children), pleated mask, hyper three-dimensional mask, Korean mask (provided by fetish comrades), large-size moist silk's good night mask

☆ Subject Content

(1) Mini drama "If Dan's teacher is masking" Second half

Appearance mask ... gauze mask

(2) Situation "Pull a cold and fall asleep"

(3) Extra video "Korean mask & silk masks are all alone"

(4) Interview with the model

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Although I was enthusiastic about the video camera, I did not change much (bitter smile) The room did not turn out to be sunny and satisfying, but I felt that the realism at the time of approach approached as the lens became wide angle I will. While the first shoot & first performance this time, the model performs with a gentle and polite speech that is like a teacher at elementary school, reminding me of those days that woke up to fetishism.