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MASK VENUS vol. 24 Eri (2)


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File List:【動画全編セット】

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mp4 550.30MB 2,950kbps
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Product Information

Mask fetish picture of 100% purity to respond to the desire and endless desire for endless fetish!

【Content of animation】
· MASK VENUS The first new work after the first anniversary, eyeglasses girl fetish model · Kitami Eri comes back!

· Returning to the original point, image image which pursued original mask beauty, mini drama of comedy touch which depicted the birth of mask idol, quiz corner of incorrect answer and × wearing for warming for this day Full of mask stuff of!

· I am satisfied with mask fetish · glasses fetish · Kitami eritchi fetish that I could accomplish because she was a professional knowledge of fetishism? About 70 minutes of the trilogy trilogy of! Also releasing an orthodox image image collection "FETISH DOLL # 001 Kitami Eri" at the same time!

☆ content of the previous part

① Opening image image

② Mini drama "Mask Idol" Kitami Eri birth! What? Volume "

③ Challenge "Let's pleat pleated masks to the limit! "

④ Situation "Squeeze eye drops while masking"

☆ Content included

① Opening image image

② Challenge "Let's breath and blow your glasses over the mask!" "

③ Situation "Make eye mask while masking"

☆ Subject Content

① Everyone also challenges together! "Masked"

② Situation "To confess while keeping mask"

③Ending interview

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

This time it was the first movie-only work, it filled in mask masks that I wanted to capture secretly, and it became a long-length trilogy which will be the first since vol.5. As a result of shooting in the studio to revenge the image quality left unhappy with vol.20 of the first appearance by Kitami Eri, and taking in the shooting with a single lens reflex, it is finished as the best clear image of MASK VENUS history! I pridefully believe that the ideal that I requested here is realized here, which does not hurt to say that the contents are the highest due to the efforts of Feti's good understanding person and Eri Hi Kitami.