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MASK VENUS vol.32 Eri (3)


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File List:【動画全編セット+特典】

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Product Information

Mask fetish picture of 100% purity to respond to the desire and endless desire for endless fetish!

【Content of animation】
· The 32nd work is a photo shoot party, a busy eyeglass girl model even at various fetish events · Eri Kitami has appeared for the third time. This time, she will be presenting a student in a sailor suit appearance with 4 roles in "Gakuen Drama Short Editing" set on a full-scale school studio!

· A serious student who is studying and can rely on male students who can study, "② Imadoki hen" is a very ordinary little-pupil student, "③ Classroom Committee" is a readingist and disciplined in the discipline Is a student with three braids in severe glasses, "④ S Women's Homemade" is a student who uses a male student and is a different hairstyle and mask appeared with different hairstyles and masks, including "new teacher edition" in private appearance Full collection in the first part.

· In the second part "Everyone challenges! Masked "second volume. Even though the problem of difficulty exceeding last time stands up, Eri also struggles again with sharp Kang and fetish knowledge! Can you see a stack of 5 masks perfectly? ! Also included is "Making & NG scenes" for 11 minutes, special purchase of 463 pieces of photo books taken of her in the set purchasing benefits!

· The full set of videos is profitable!

☆ content of the previous part

"Gakuen Drama Short Editing (① Honors Student, ② Imadoki Hen, ③ Classroom Committee, ④ S Female), Masked New Teacher"
Appearance mask ... gauze mask (usually for children, large), pleated mask

☆ Subject Content

① Everyone also challenges together! Masks

② Making and NG scenes

☆ Set benefits

Photograph collection which took the real face of Kitami Eri

Image size: 1437 x 1078 pixel
Number of images: 463 sheets

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

In this time it is a feeling that I took only my own delusions rather than a work, I stimulated the school drama by a student with a mask figure that I dreamed of for a long time, inspired the studio fee, cast a fetish model of trust and achievement, Mr. Kitami Eri It is realized. Some of those who awakens memories of distant school days or those at that time in some of her real sailor uniforms & masks, which only seems to be active students. I also realized the difficulty of taking pictures as a delusion, but here is another feeling that one's own dream has come true again.