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MASK VENUS vol.33 Rei


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File List:【写真集全編セット】

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Product Information

100% purity mask fetish image to respond to the desire and endless desire for endless fetish!

【Content of photo collection】
· "MASK VENUS" 33rd work is the first appearance of Rei Kato. Like the snow, the pure white skin and big eyes, the atmosphere full of transparency and transparency and mystery, mask ON / OFF are the best beauty together! The desired mask beauty statue is here! This work is the largest volume ever in total of 2069 pieces totaling the first part and the second part by photograph limited shooting!

- In the first part, it contains gauze mask & face photo in various situations such as veranda, antique vanity top, canopy bed. In the second part, six pieces of pleats other than gauze, five types of three-dimensional type and gauze & pleats wrapped in a work mask and a working mask, and gauze & pleats are also spiritly collected, and gauze school, pleat school and three-dimensional school are filled with stomach We are finished in content that you can enjoy!

· The full set of photograph collection is profitable!

☆ Appearance Mask (Part 1)
· Gauze mask (usually 2 types, for children)

☆ appearance mask (second part)
· Gauze mask (usually for kids shakersha's children, larger, two ply)
· Pleated mask (normally, slightly smaller, pink, blue, green, black, three pieces on top of two pieces of gauze)
· Super 3D mask (slightly larger, blue, pink)
· Full shut mask
· Soft fit 3D solid mask (larger)
· Ever mask
· Working mask

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image size: 1280 x 960 pixel
Number of images: first part 1052 sheets, second part 1017 sheets

When I discovered Kato Rie with a retweet of Kitami Eri. The moment when I saw the photos on which I was carrying "Impression that is a nice person with a sense of transparency!" Impact ran and I asked for shooting by bad place. This time, I shoot in the studio which will be used for the first time, I realize that a new one page is engraved in MASK VENUS 's mask beauty history also with antique set and her neat and mysterious atmosphere is the best match .