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MASK VENUS vol. 38 Kana

Star: カナ
Genre: Mask Fetish

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File List:【写真集&動画全編セット+特典】

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27 minute, 45 seconds
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Product Information

100% purity mask fetish image & video to respond to the desire and endless desire for endless fetish!

【Content of photo collection】
· MASK VENUS 38th work first appeared Mr. Kana who is active in photo shoots etc. A nose-rich Western-style facial aspect and a modest ambience are artistic beauty both face-to-face and mask appearance! In the studio used for the first time this time, we shot at the roof top below the blue sky, panels with flowers spread all over, a canopy bed, and the roof of the blue sky, and it is an ambitious work sticking to the visual as a portrait.

Also in this work, I wear a second appearance recruitment suit as a costume. A new mask from a fetish comedian that directed cool beauty beautiful OL and also offered a lot of precious masks up to now also arrived! A huge feeling of handmade gauze that exceeds so far shakes mania's heart!

· We also set sale with pretty good movies as well!

☆ Emerging Mask
· Gauze mask (normal)
· Pleated mask (usually, pink)
· Super 3D mask (slightly smaller, upside down)

Below, we offer mask fetish comrades
· Handmade · large gauze mask
· Mask for sauces
· Korean mask
· Hyper mask 2

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image size: 1280 x 960 pixel
Number of images: 1025 sheets

The photograph collection of this work has become a content full of both the situation and the mask type, and to draw out the beauty of both Mr. Kana's face and mask figure to the best, each one sticks to the color and texture by changing the finish of the photograph Saw. If you are not a studio borrowed this time, it is worth seeing at first sight of the mask with a floral panel and a roof above the blue sky that you will not be able to see!

【Content of animation】
· The 38th work first appeared in a cool beauty recruit suit with Kana who is active in photography society models etc. In mask attachment & image image new work by comrades offer · First giant gauze mask and flat mask for wedge mask, Ever type hyper mask 2 appears for the first time!

· Also included in the second part is a mini drama dressed as a beautiful boss role that Mr. Kana can rely on, as well as situations "Make a mask and make it." In the set purchase privilege, a special recording of drama's making & NG scenes and "Fiddling with smart" taken at the extra time after the end of the main part!

· The full set of videos is profitable! We also offer set sales with great photo albums!

☆ Main content of animation · the first part

· Opening footage
· Opening interview
· Various mask attachment & image image ①
Appearance mask ... gauze mask (usually handmade · large), pleated mask (usually, pink), super solid mask (slightly smaller, upside down)

Main content of animation · second part

· Various mask attachment & image image ②
Appearance mask ... mask for sauce, Korean mask, hyper mask 2
· Situation "Make up with masking"
· Ending interview

☆ Set Bonus picture

· Movie making video
· Situation "Fiddling with smartphone"

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Mr. Kana 's mask of Western - style facial expression is a very beautiful movie, it is sure to be fascinated by the clever pupil and the nose ridge. The setting of the drama this time is a solid thing called a beautiful boss who gently laboriously tires a new employee on the rooftop, but I was also nailed to Mr. Kana 's mask beauty OL as drawn in a dream! Like photo album, I think that it was finished in a work with high visual satisfaction.