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File List:【写真集&動画セット+特典】

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Product Information

A 100% pure mask fetish image and video that responds to the endless desire and desire for fetish!

[Contents of photo book]
-Mashiro Mao, a free model with a neat and simple charm, first appeared in the 51st MASK VENUS. The costume this time is a sailor suit that he also loves himself, and a lunch duty that breaks the silence of about two years and is lifted!

Each costume includes a photo with a real face and various masks. For lunch, we use 3 fetish patterns of hair styling with a feeding cap (small size), full hair with a feeding cap (large size), and triangle width! The total number has exceeded 1,500, and will respond to your strike zone where you love sailor uniforms and school lunch cosplay!

・We also carry a set sale with quite profitable videos!

☆Appearance mask
・Gauze mask (usually small)
・Pleated mask (normal, pink, light blue)
・Super three-dimensional mask
・Soft fit 3D mask
・Cleansing mask

*The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and the secondary use such as reproduction and unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image Size: 2736 x 1824 pixel
Number of images: 1563

Mao Mashiro, who has always thought that "this model should be lifted", has been waiting for a long time, Mao Mashiro has come to Tokyo for the long-awaited shooting! As I imagined, it looks cute and looks cute, and by having various conversations and taking various variations, it became a masterpiece with more than 1000 sheets just for lunch. We have many requests and a strong commitment, but I think it was the most satisfying meal service we have ever made.

[Contents of video]
・Mao Mashiro, who is active as a free model, first appeared in the 51st work. The sailor uniform, which is full of neatness and cuteness, has finally lifted the ban on lunch meals that have been waiting for a long time!

・The changeover video for the lunch meal sandwiched in the mini-drama includes a total of 5 patterns, including two types of lunch caps and triangles, and changing the mask!

・In addition to the making video, the set purchase privilege with the photo book includes the first trial of this time, coughing and huh by the binaural recording. Coughing and exhaling through the mask will sound realistically in your left and right ears!

☆ Main contents of the video

・Opening video
・Opening interview
・Mini drama & lunch change dress-up video
・Ending interview

☆ Set privilege video

・Video making & NG collection
・Coughing & huh with binaural recording

*The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and the secondary use such as reproduction and unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

This time, the video was rarely included in the two files including the privilege due to the emphasis on the photo book, but you can enjoy the cuteness that Masahiro's sailor suit and school lunch appearance can be said to be active. I think you can get it. Did you also have a mask fetish talent in the interview? We are developing a talk that makes us expect, and the first adopted binaural recording is experimentally recorded as a bonus corner of the privilege, but I hope that you can enjoy it as a mask fetish to enjoy with your ears.