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MASK VENUS vol.68 Yuna (5)

Star: ゆな
Genre: Mask Fetish

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File List:【動画全編セット+特典】

TypeImage qualityReplay time
mp4 3,000kbps
30 minute, 21 seconds
mp4 2,950kbps
27 minute, 52 seconds
mp4 3,000kbps
27 minute, 41 seconds
mp4 3,000kbps
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Product Information

Mask fetish picture of 100% purity to respond to the desire and endless desire for endless fetish!

【Content of animation】
· The 68th appearance is the 5th appearance that Yuna of long-dressed black hair haired will be the most frequent appearance. This work commemorating the 5th anniversary of MASK VENUS is a fulfilling four copies full of popular corner plus new projects so far!

- In the first part, Yuna interviewed the work of past work, images repeating the wearing of the gauze mask all alone, coughing & sleeping in the bathrobe figure, a new image reproducing the appearance inside the train grasping the hanging leather An image appeared!

· Part 2 contains footwear cleaning with rubber gloves, earpicks for children's mask, pulling up and down with a lips, upwards and downwards with lips, hua haze towards a mirror and a camera.

· Part 3 includes a pleasant mask with two kinds of pleated masks and a challenge to overlap to the limit, sneezers using gourds & pleats with paddle, Jenga confrontation with silk mask and nitrile gloves worn.

· Part 4 challenges the wisdom ring puzzle wearing a training mask. Can you solve it in a situation where it gets stiffer as time passes! What? In addition, a robbery eyed hat first appeared, and recorded the appearance of acting a suspense drama one scene including making and & NG as it is.

· Set making purchase privilege making & NG collection collected for about 40 minutes divided into 2 files. Please enjoy Mr. Yuna 's shining flashing mask that has colored the history of MASK VENUS!

· The full set of videos is profitable!

☆ Main content of video 1/4

· Interview to Yuna
· Wearing gauze mask repeatedly
· Coughing & sleeping
· In-train image image

☆ Main contents of animation 2/4

· Clean bath
· Earpicking
· Pulling the mask
· Mask up and down with lips
· With a gauze mask Hua Ha

☆ Main contents of video 3/4

· Pleated mask
· Pleat mask overlap
· Sneezing spoilage
· Jenga with silk mask & gloves

☆ Main contents of video 4/4

· Puzzle with training mask
· Attaching eyed cap and image image

☆ Set Bonus picture

· Making & NG Collection

※ The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and secondary use such as reproduction / unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

With release pace falling down, I must celebrate the 5th anniversary properly! That is why I asked Yuna that I was able to take pictures pleasantly and shoot happily every time and tried just as much stuff as can be packed as a movie only work! It is Yuna Mr. Mr. Yuna with a wonderful mask with beautiful colors that I want everything to say as a point of sight, a familiar corner, including a new project, a feeling of the history of MASK VENUS that has kept a 100% purity mask fetish as a motto for five years I wish I could.