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Debt repayment ... in my anus

Product number: AVK-07-2
Series: 浣腸
Genre: Anal
Dealers: 3 rd STAGE

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1500JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

A celebrity wife who borrowed money from a vicious woman, even he / she can not repay the interest of debt 2 months.
"If your debt can not be repaid, pay with your body, recently it seems you are doing celebrity wife's movies"
Take off your panties yourself and open your anus more.
Pasha Pasha anal shoot with a smartphone saying "Oh no!

The next sanctions of excited women are spanking ass.
Naturally ignoring the voice of "Hurts, hurt, please stop" continues to knock down until the buttocks turn red.
The gloomy girls' escalated escalate to the enema at last, and further steals with the large opening leg of the mangumi return.
I can not endure it because I can not endure it, but it will be reversed as "You can not do it just like this", but as a result it pours oil into the actions of the villains.

It is tied like you can not escape, and when you cheer for the addition of the big enema, you scoff your stomach as you scream as "Year ah!"
Then spread her bag of convenience store in its butt that shovels that her bowel movements reach a peak and "shoot out", this is the lowest treatment.
I can not hold back even to endure it Finally in a bag ...

I'm stupidly saying "Quey, a beautiful wife," stupidly.
I think that it is over, and this time I will wear it with an anal vibe.
And, "You should do exactly as you said from the beginning," and disregarded words as well as two used enemas, the intriguing women who insert them into the hole of the nose.

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