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A woman made into a mannequin II A geezed men

Product number: AVF-06
Series: マネキンにされた女
Director: 宮崎まどか
Genre: Cosplay
Dealers: 3 rd STAGE

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1980JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

I like a thin and long legs still in a slim system, I have a desire to expose their legs and mischief.

Hypnotize a model with a slim and arrogant attitude as desired and play mischievous gesturing.

In the eyes to see far away, check out the expressionless state, mannequin condition and start shooting.
As for the camera, like a lickable camera, the director from the bottom to the top, just standing up, does not hesitate and takes a hand over the skirt.
Beautiful legs, you can see white panties over stockings, the director reaches out to the crotch and twines and rubs the local part.
A dislike model, not resistant, a supervisor who is in tone orders to tell a model a tongue.
And suck your tongue, you do not want to go wrong.

Next time, put your hand on your waist and "shake your waist" command, the model grinds your waist.
The director told the photographer, "You also touch me," with two people bad manners.

Make your clothes change and massage your chest in the same way, put your hands on the skirt.
The model you dislike is appealing as "stop" or "do not touch" without expression, but it is all you can touch with ignoring such a thing.
Lastly I will sit in the chair and persistently scrape the local part and persevere.
Raise the speed of spreading your legs and rubbing them across the pantyhose, the model gets a cramp of light madness.
I wonder if it will be?

It is the 2nd edition of the hobby which the money which it was requested to make a wishful desire as a picture for myself.
① I want to choose a model.
② Clothes to wear, skirts, underwear, pantyhose, shoes sandals are 3 pieces of clothes to use.
③ Ikenai if you naked.
④ Apply hypnotism and aspira desire as specified.
⑤ Always synchronize the whole body with the up image on 2 screens.

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Her guess was mannequin men

Her guess was mannequin men

1980JPY (Including tax)
3 rd STAGE