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Exciting cosplay year vol.1


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File List:【超高画質4K動画版】わくわくコスプレイヤー vol.1

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Product Information

"Wakuaku Cosplayer" series vol.1 will be.

Let me just say this for the first time.
Exciting cosplayers are as high as ever.
Although Slotsman raises "the complete original & high image quality principle can not be given over" first,

This is 4K animation.

Super high image quality up to 4 K is unnecessary. If you say,
There is a full HD high-quality version that downconverted 4K video to full HD, so please have a look there.

If you see a 4K movie version of ultra-high quality boasting 4 times the resolution of full HD, you can no longer see full HD.
Again there is overwhelming difference.

Although it is the contents of the work, I infiltrated a certain event and photographed Layer at close range.
Gravure idol Shinozaki ○ It is very similar from face to body with Ai-chan.

During shooting, there was a big accident that the baby tits were too tired and the beads were visible (sweat)
The person who is being photographed is not noticed (lol)

That's why I zoomed in (laugh)
Zoom on occasionally sticky wheels. Zoom the deck butt.
Although it is not described in the sample image, there is super zoom to the buttocks.
Zooming on the local area, I took many pictures.

Spilling breasts (in fact, the beads spilled out, lol)
It seems to be hungry big deer butt (It seems that it is meaningless to put pants on already.

Quite often, as for cosplay things, there are high-quality images but there are no high-quality movies.
Also, even if there is even a high image quality, I will not say that it is quite high quality.
Cosplayers do not get excited unless they look at high picture quality! If it is not high quality it means nothing! !

4K ultra-high image quality bit rate about 60000 to 90000 kbps (variable)

For full HD, high image quality bit rate is about 15000 to 35000 kbps (variable)

Please enjoy with my favorite cosplayers excitingly.

※ This work is original work.
Please inform me if there are sites etc. that have uploaded without permission etc!
Thank you for your cooperation.

· This work is a completely original work, not a malicious copy work.
· Mobile phone, smart phone, tablet terminal operation verification. Do not do.
· Please be sure to download only with PC (personal computer) terminal.
· The person appearing in this work is a model, taking photographs on consent.
· This work is not applicable to child pornography.
· It is contents based on this site usage agreement.
· Because of original goods, secondary use of transmission to third parties, sale etc. is forbidden at all.

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