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[Oral fetish] Shimazaki or fillet of it's geeky oral observations and oral fetch play! (Part II) [Shimazaki Kasumi]

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Product Information

* This is Kasumi's mouth fetch play
What was really good in the
Take a long, divided into two videos

We have!
In the second part, two scenes were

We are being recorded. 3.

Gummy slurp
Gummy to resemble human beings, and put it in your mouth
In the tooth and the Bello tinkerer fiddling from

Was taken to chew and swallow!
And the so-called vore (vorarephilia)

It is like a giantess (her giant fetish).
Gummy and almost drowned in the mouth of the Kasumi-San
Or, used as
The 噛mi潰sa

Continue to the back of my throat swallowed. 4.

Subjective round sliced like
The final scene

This subjective round sliced first observed is the scene!

You gotta swallow!
"From now on you to swallow."
The camera toward your mouth
Open wide, The ~ yikes!!
And keep the nabutte in tongues,

You are 飲mi込nnja, and!
To be swallowed in the Kasumi-San
Imagine our

Please fill shikotte!
* The first part,
Finger blow job scenes with oral scenes shown off
So we recorded

Take a look at, check it out.


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Of course, the latest info
@ Tweet or DM
Your feedback to work
Do you want play
As the request of the actress

We accept.
If you like,
Please follow us!


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