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Bullet MAMAER "demagogy 226"


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-------------------------------------------Certainly saw in the eyes.
And that, to be maid and a young soldier, and weird please rescue the noon tomorrow.
-------------------------------------------2/26/1936, Public 驚倒 and snow. What was done, Maid room Prime Minister's official residence was attacked by the day?
Prime Minister had in fact secretly alive and actually came on board to rescue the Prime Minister's military who while surrounded from the youth officer demanded to "Showa restoration" resolutely to actually Prime very much didn't like maids and was actually hungry army revolt, riddled with false guessing game.
Anyone knowing the enemy or ally, 1 dimensions the laughingstock of the world, 犬死ni?
Unheard of conspiracy rumors and hoaxes 乱れ飛び, man and woman joyfully, drama.
Bullet MAMAER the long-awaited new!
Pocket-size watch, history of the Showa era's biggest coup '2.26 events'!

Yet once, not revealed is the “ back history ” of thrills and laughter here!
[Highlight] ¤ that historic coup like that...!
◎ featured the actor's personality shines! ◎ performances of the first 10 days!

Good hint of third degree! "Those who recommend then!

≫ ¤ cannot be satisfied with just comedy is more ◎ even laugh stimulation also want better ◎ it anyway you want to laugh?? CAST & STAFF kurumi was Yohei [movie rendition] [starring] Nakamura Illuminati, Akira Yuki Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki Kawai, Kawasaki Kiyomi, Tanaka Akira, Someya Keiko, Shin-ichi Kimura, Ando NET swamp trees?? (junction), Kaori Kobayashi ( ワンダー・プロ ) Sakata Kumiko ( J-CLIP ), Morimoto 73 child ( E-sprinG ), Tanaka and by beauty, Tsubaki k., ( TEAM JAPAN SPEC... ), tsuchida Taku, SOTA Ichikawa, 櫛部 Satoshi, Miyashita Chie, Enomoto Mai, Sakai, Yukie, Tamura, rie

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