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Home live bird and me! Penlight grope, out love juice. Tokyo girl POV first time POV


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Posted by: White Tiger

* This is a post from Momo, Brother's Circle.

This cosplay video is Kotori-chan Kos, a love and live. It is a live costume of the first season OP which is nostalgic anymore, but the hobby of the creator is strongly reflected.

The girl who became this model is not a pure layer. To say the least, I didn't even have a hobby. She came out of the countryside and did not have any acquaintance, but she was able to make friends with one of the members at the part-time job, and gradually dragged me here to show that it was like that animation I saw that day Several months. If he noticed, he grew up until he became interested in cosplay.

The opposite of a gentle impression was that she was originally a lewd man who loved sex and masturbation, and her first cosplay gave me the OK condition of her first gonzo. By the way, Kotori has the same thing in height, bust, and waist. The nipple on a small breast is very erotic.

As expected, on the day I was struggling or nervous with my first wig, but as the shooting progressed, I gradually entered erotic mode, just kissed and looked around my chest, making a little stain on my pants Was. …… From here on, I'm going to list items that shouldn't be a bit of a pleasure, just for fun.

・ Sensitive little fish
・ Very happy & little attack over pants with penlight
・ One person etch from Kupa
・ Adhesive cunniling from hand man
・ Shame constitution that makes your face red as soon as you do naughty things
・ The happy face cowgirl who got wet
・ Cincus belokis from a thick ヲ tapfer that melts middle-aged cocks
・ Move to bed and this time fingering from cunnilingus
・ Handjob with gloves on (ejaculation due to erotic feeling of gloves)
・ Normal position while worshiping live costumes from the front
-Powerful woman on top posture while making a sound from the joint
・ Back while stroking the hips with good shape
・ Normal position finish (mass ejaculation) while looking at the costume from top to bottom
・ Finally a bonus video (bathroom)

... and report that I enjoyed everything I wanted to do.
She has a foreboding feeling that she is still growing up, so she will continue to foster her in the future.

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