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[Oral fetish] Sunohara future baby maniac oral observations and oral fetch play!


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Product Information

This video is divided into four scenes. 1.

Oral observations
Your mouth's future Sunohara

We will observe closely!
Tongue Vero master,
Bite & the tooth fetish master
Unlike the oral observations
The voice of the Director (photographer)

Do not put any.
Future-Chan herself your mouth increase or finger,
Or that the
Teeth 見setsuketari and ID,
Throat Chin this 見setsuketari, ...

Shooting a scene such as that!
Not using utensils such as aperture.
Long tongue works diligently, Saliva spilled out.

It is fully loaded! 2.

Finger blowjob

Now we suck finger.
With just finger blow job
So much disappears in the mouth
Me in the mouth as much as possible, while
Lick to the fingers, hand and arm

Whats the undies.
Future right of the tongue, because it is soft
It is very nice.

But does not put any photographer's voice!
End whopping bite on the arm! Bite.
Even though the future properly, so

It was a powerful bite lasting two weeks.
Everyone, the future right to the
Imagine that blowjob finger

See shiyotte. 3.

Gummy slurp
Gummy to resemble humans
And put it in your mouth
In the tooth and the Bello tinkerer fiddling from

Was taken to chew and swallow!
And the so-called vore (vorarephilia)

It is like a giantess (her giant fetish).
Gummy is future-CHAN's
And almost drowned in your mouth
In the end, 噛mi潰sa

Continue to the back of my throat swallowed. 4.

Chewing dried small sardines
Of course they just understand, rather
The sardines as a creature

Swim in the mouth, and then
And finally mess up
To get 噛mi潰shite

A high-quality.
My future-Chan in in your mouth,
And the pool of drool
Enjoy the soft tongue rug

I'd be paranoid just lucky that got killed.
The contents of this video is over.
The future right of a maniac
Oral observations and oral play

To fully enjoy!


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