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Today, inversely proportional to


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The pursuit of Happyness in the Yakuza style of 似つかない arts industry, has sparked some of or taking advantage of the inborn gambling in Kang. Unusual in the publishing industry, introduced to the TV show "continental passion" in 2002, Takei Masakazu existence and published own first degree of audio books. That meeting of childhood, mentor, writer and the publishing industry. Art of surviving and world conflict, social... Autobiography as in, this audio book is beyond it, talk about the publishing industry and subject matter, contains universal ideas and proposals. Increased audio book to present as a new age living with vaguely anxious teaching certificate. Inverse ※ this product "today the proportion" (foil publication Takei Masakazu by ¥ 1,050 (incl. tax) ISBN:978-4-902943-15-8 184 pages) is one of the audio. (C) FOIL2006