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Cabrera has Gold


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Product Information

Some experienced moderate achievements, acquired the customer base to understand the world of the cabaret Club Cabaret is the main target of this audio book. While trying to do, even on their senior cast walking the Royal Road of the cast, to teach tricks of the hospitality and way of thinking to become number one cast loved from everyone, and higher customer service techniques. This audio book is practical and immediately useful knowledge and only. Also, be so useful enough on the General hospitality as well as the cast of cabaret Club offers applied employee and part-time education. If you are reading this, Ano S rank cast longing strategy as meaningful. Customers of men, and know will be knowledgeable and helpful. ※ This product is a "[revised edition] Cabrera textbook Gold" (General Law Publishing publication of Kimura taro Susumu by ISBN:978-4-86280-057-2 228 1,365 yen (tax included) PG) is one of the audio. (C) SHINTARO KIMURA 2008