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[All passe! ] All height long Shopgirl back erotic tongue lick series! «DASH version»


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File List:UHD(4K)

TypeImage qualityReplay timeDRMStreamingDownload
mp4 500kbps~19350kbps
22 minute, 48 seconds
None possible possible
mp4 600kbps~20100kbps
19 minute, 10 seconds
None possible possible
mp4 600kbps~19950kbps
12 minute, 27 seconds
None possible possible
mp4 550kbps~20100kbps
15 minute, 8 seconds
None possible possible
mp4 500kbps~20150kbps
10 minute, 43 seconds
None possible possible
mp4 600kbps~19750kbps
18 minute, 45 seconds
None possible possible

Product Information

Please note:
Here is the DASH version.
Our original registered 4 K resolution images at XCREAM's
System can be selected according to viewers communicate State to automatically encode and

(For more information please check to XCREAM,)
Referred to as usually Edition and what is different and
(1) on the PC, the Smartphone, without installing the player you can watch.

(2) in addition, streaming playback, depending on user communication, automatically select the bitrate, streamed, it seems

As ever, must be purchased for the upper class and lower class audience as is

Example) and buy a quality 4 K HD and SD are available
In this pilot, worried about picking the same way ever, please buy

People are enjoying the new benefits, like DASH version please.
(Content is usually identical to version, and unlike some quality in the conversion difference

It seems that there is a difference or not, or you can stream)

(1) to (6) of «4 K version» «HQ version» «SD version] is a whole notch on each! (* HQ + SD Edition comes with the 4 K version.

Comes with SD version HQ version)

(1) de hentai femdom Shopgirl [tongue saliva odor accomplished] back to ecological tongue saliva mouth axillary feet soles Manchu accomplished (2) [mass salivary] marketing intensive Hayes-drown in the mass saliva slut pounce.

(3) [saliva Vero delusion: one morning, I woke beside the sleeping Shopgirl's, if you will grant my request

(4) a man who demands smell [smelling saliva Vero: Shopgirl 

(5) [saliva Vero virginity (1): marketing of erotic or Virgin request best played with a long tongue! 

(6) [saliva Vero Virgin (2): Shopgirl Elo not Virgin request best played with a long tongue!

↓ ↓ ↓ is all full!
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1, 980 yen × 6 = standard 11880 while 7280 Yen * blog in cart limited price, 6980 Yen!
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