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006 landscape (stock movie HD material)

Product number: 18_006P
Series: 風景
Genre: Stock movie
Dealers: Kurose video production firm

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300JPY (Including tax)

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mp4 60.56MB 16,350kbps
0 minute, 29 seconds
None impossible possible

Product Information

Screen size (1920 x 1080)
This stock movie material is free to use under the following conditions the purchaser, whether commercial or non-commercial.
-You can freely use this stock movie material purchaser will produce films and video works be undertaken.
-You can freely use this stock movie material in the work that corporations and organizations the corporations or organizations if the purchaser is or works be undertaken.
-You cannot transfer the right to use this stock movie material purchaser.
-Even if the purchaser was capital of corporations and organizations, other affiliated and related organizations license this stock movie material is not allowed.
-Cannot use works with buyers using this stock movie material, others get out portion of this stock movie material.
-The expiry date of this stock movie material. -This stock movie material is not acknowledge exclusive usage rights to the purchaser.
In some cases to produce work using the same video other purchaser.
-Acknowledge the usage rights to the person who purchased this stock movie material that is, authors are copyright. -Due to this stock movie no problem, also not assume responsibility Kurose video production firm.

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