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L@VE SCHOOL Jr Aoi Tajima 14 Day Vacation DISC.1

Product number: LALS-03
Series: L@VE SCHOOL Jr
Star: 但馬あおい
Genre: teens
Dealers: Co., new style creates

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4928JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

Newcomer active student Joo Aidol "Tajima Aoi" -chan (1 year old ○ 2nd year student) extreme radical first image video! Adorable Ota black hair beautiful girl Aoi who loves anime manga! Beginning with the interview, I'm wearing a cute mini dress with my panchua flickering !! In the scene of the combination of T-back bikini and boots and my bag, I can't bear the shy expression! Too erotic, such as wearing erotic clothes and showing hair that is barely growing in energetic shorts !? In addition, in a residential area at night ○ Student idol is super bold outdoor exposure shooting !? "Please take a good look at Aoi's pacifier image ♥" Tenderly F image !? And show off J * 's cute raw roaring voice with a hidden bandage and affixing the rotor! … Both hands tied up and “please fuck me ♥” Gonzo style !? Uncle's spit swallowing !? And in a further secret chapter ... Shooting a mapper by obedience !? Tied with a rope and masturbated as an adult toy Pleasure !? J ○ gets squid after being handcuffed !? "Aoi drinks sperm from now on" ♥ ○ Student ejaculation !? "Ejaculate inside Aoi ♥" Ejaculate medium before going home !? This time it's extremely dangerous !!

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