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Curious and throw it at least "ザッピングマリア"


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Product Information

A town somewhere in some era of thirty mysteriously disappeared too ordinary woman "Mary".
And also, in the country where certain age story of "Mary" SEI and deployed.
Put on two world co., Ltd., zapping story fro.
Is this a dream or reality?

And why is Mary mysteriously disappeared?

Adult bright desperate fantasy dreamers thirties woman soaked in sweet まきおこる,.
(To be) acts to watch while switching channels often remote zapping = TV viewers, system of Government STORY?? thirty mysteriously disappeared very mediocre singles OL too "ウベマリヤ".

Criminal 3 chasing it, cousin, sister and Marco キリヒト.

Everyday in my: うマリ ya is eyes will stay on TV COMMERCIALS to my eyes, transforming the wish "fulfilled reactor hall" in was zapping the ourselves the hope his dream world in.

The world's changed position and name of the people involved in the real world unfolds the drama dream world.
And then again, there was a fresh desire surrounded her one of the country, where men's world.
Minister to work behind the scenes, Queen King being imprisoned, forced to shoulder for that country.

Bandit group rise against the misrule of the country.
Then Mary "Joe" "meet the man.
The advent of the mystery is pulling the strings all behind the man "Yu". The world of various problems.

Where eventually everyone arrives, asking for just one person, who is "Mary". "Ishigami runaway in the real world one man".

The runaway is "fulfilled shop Kaiyodo" also spread the hope of "Mary" dream world also starts the runaway.

Fulfilled in the reactor hall zapping in three human... Mary, ジョウシマ, and キリヒト why.

During three dream start impossibility, Mary's sister Masako grabbed one clue in the real world.
The clues Joe's dream of out to reveal their identity, and revealed that sparked the runaway Yu.
Mary is made aware of the true meaning of "wish" cluttered with dream and reality, wishes his tragedy. I finally realized my mistake. But it during which already late... ¤ a swordfight and dance [main sights > entertainment ¤ scenes expand rapidly replace ¤ relatable to anyone or anything [people who have recommended and!
> ¡ý lively stage-like. ¤ Little positive to become better ◎ adult single women?? CAST & STAFF?? stage director / Ito Satoshi screenplay and cast / Kuroki Cape 69, Director, cast and Saruyama touts, lighting / Shinpei Kaneko (LaSens) komiya Takako acoustic /, costumes and Takeuchi, Yoko, Sakurai Toru props /, stage arts and mayu Kato this, choreographer /RISAKO, advertising art / nawata Kohei design offices, production / peak not practice, cooperation co., Ltd. / bamboo cast: Iwasawa Sachiko ( bamboo ), Seiichiro Okuma (カリバネ button), and Akiko Sasaki (BB company), intra-ventricular SATO Kenichi,

Mariko ( bamboo ), love Suzuki, Suzuki Takahiro, 20 RI maiko, Mieko 野仲 ◀, Fujimoto, child, Matsuyama Huang (2), Masashi Muto (Office PAC) and Kenji Yoshioka source readings ( えん突 ) Shigeru age, Takiguchi rigid